A new visual identity, designed for the challenges of the future

It was 1998 when WIDE Automation adopted for the first time the visual identity that would have accompanied it for 20 years: a brand name born by pure chance, matured in a few hours in the mind of the founders, who wanted to evoke a concept of continuous transformation and unceasing expansion.


After 20 years, WIDE Automation has felt the need to make a fresh up of its brand identity, with a more captivating, updated, stylistic and aesthetic style.


After a long and in-depth study process, we have redefined a visual identity that integrates innovation and continuity with the past.

The new logo consists of a textual part and a symbol, which adds a distinctive element to the previous textual brand.

The symbol maintains the orange tones (often associated with energy and dynamism) of the original logo, and is the resulting combination of two monograms, merged in a play of shadows.

The logo introduces a new color: dark blue, complementary to the orange present in the pictogram and traditionally a symbol of reliability and safety. The transition from uppercase to lowercase wants to convey greater closeness and informality, supported by the choice of an essential and highly recognizable typeface.