Pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety mats



Sensitive Mats

Pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety mats


Safety and control, close at foot

A pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety mat reacts to the presence
of one or more people, detecting the pressure exerted on its surface.

It configures as a primary element of surveillance
of access to potentially hazardous areas, such as:

  • immediate proximity of manufacturing machines with moving parts;

  • chemically active areas;

  • electrically hazardous areas;

  • areas subject to high or low energy radiations;

  • potentially explosive areas and anywhere potentially dangerous for human safety.

Naturally standard-compliant

Our pressure-sensitive sensing (safety) mats are manufactured in compliance with the technical specifications
provided for meeting the safety and health needs and it is a passive component.

Thus, in order to perform the safety function for which it is designated,
it requires a control apparatus of appropriate class.

Pressure-sensitive Sensing Safety Mats - Wide Automation

Multizone mats

The multizone mat has been designed for a specific application on forklift trucks

in industrial warehouses, where the operator stands erect.

The dual functionality consists of its operator-presence control and machine activation by pedal button.

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Anti-fatigue and heating mats

Anti-fatigue mats are used in workplaces where workers spend many hours standing and wherever it is useful or even necessary – sometimes prescribed by law – to provide a soft walking layer, in order to reduce leg and joint soreness. Anti-fatigue mats are made of a layer of self-extinguishing polyurethane, covered by layers of copper and carbon.

Heating mats are characterized by their peculiar calorific function and can represent a variant of the anti-fatigue mats. Particularly useful in cold settings, allow to warm the surrounding area, raising ambient temperature up to ~20ºC, at one meter from the ground.

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