Electromagnetic brakes and clutches


DE Automation is OGURA’s official distributor in Italy. Founded in 1938, OGURA is the world’s largest manufacturer of electromagnetic brakes and clutches.

With more than 25 million pieces manufactured per year, the extraordinary quality of its products is the driving force behind its overwhelming success.

The numerous awards won testify OGURA’s keen attention not only towards constant improvement of its products but particularly towards its personnel, considered a true asset.

OGURA’s electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes can be used in various types of high speed cars, printers, packaging machines, food processing equipment, industrial mixers. Furthermore, OGURA’s products are widely used in agriculture, lawn mowers and all farming machinery.


Mobile Clutches

Frizione mobile by OGURA

Flange-mounted mobile electromagnetic clutches are usually made up of two parts: coil and pulley. They are usually fitted on hydraulic pumps, water pumps, high pressure pumps, compressors.


General Purpose Clutches

Frizione General Purpose by OGURA

Designed to directly transfer motion from a petrol or diesel engine, their torque values can also be used for handling high power engines. They have a wide range of application.


PTO Clutches

Frizione PTO by OGURA 

Power Take-OFF brakes and clutches are used for starting and stopping cutting
blades, mainly on tractors, stumps grinders, stump millers, etc.


Hysteresis and magnetic
powder Clutches and Brakes

Frizioni e freni ad isteresi magnetica by OGURA


Hysteresis and magnetic powder clutches and brakes are mainly designed for industrial applications such as tension control for wires and cables, unwinding control for thin webs.


Parking Brakes

Freni di stazionamento by OGURA


Ogura parking brakes are used for blocking electric motors, brushless motors, direct current motors and stepper motors.